GameSetMap is a blog about maps and tennis. In this blog I visually explore and spatially analyze Hawk-Eye tennis data to better understand the results and actions during tennis matches.

I am an Aussie living in Southern California. In my day job I am a Geospatial Designer with a mapping software company.

I have a 15 year background in the field of geospatial sciences which enables me to transfer my experience across to sports analytics. In early 2013 I released a research paper titled “Geovisualizing spatio-temporal patterns in tennis: An alternative approach to post-match analysis”. Following that I wrote an article titled “A Diorama of Player Movement in Sport” which was published in the Sports Performance and Technology magazine. The Diorama presents a rare three-dimensional view of player movement in tennis. Also during 2013 I presented at the International Cartographic Conference in Dresden (Germany), and at the IE Sports Analytics Innovation Summit in Boston (USA). I have co-authored two other articles that have been published in the Society of Tennis Medicine Journal and The Tennis Coaches Journal. I was the chief tennis consultant on the IBM Interactive Data Wall at the 2013 US Open, and work closely with NCAA Division III Redlands University Tennis Team analyzing their matches and providing maps and stats to the coaching staff.

In 2014 I designed an interactive game tree that visualised Rafa Nadal’s 600+ service games during the 2013 season. This groundbreaking visualisation displays Nadal’s strengths and weaknesses at the point level for any given game.

Most recently I was the lead tennis analyst and visualisation consultant for a documentary on Kei Nishikori for Japan’s National Broadcaster NHK. GameSetMap also host the ATP World Tour Venue Map.

Before moving to the US, I operated a freelance cartographic design company, named Demap. You can see some examples of my previous work here: www.demap.com.au.

  • Yes, I do consulting work as a tennis analyst and data vizualisation. For more information click here:
  • No, you can’t have the data!

If you would like to get in contact you can email me at: info@gamesetmap.com

Or follow me on twitter: @damiensaunder

Damien Saunder (formerly Demaj)

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  1. Hi Damien! I came across your site, and am very interested in your spatial analytics. Not really for tennis though. I am a little familiar with GIS products (mainly ArcMap), but haven’t ever used ArcScene before. How difficult was it to create the project where you loaded in the tennis video? If I had say…a basketball video of my own…could I do the same type of operations (create a db of player locations, shots, passes, etc)? How long does it take to create data about each point (or each time down the court in my case)? Hopefully it’s all pretty easy…although I have my doubts.

    Thanks in advance for any info you can provide!

    – c –

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