Hawk-Eye Analysis

At GameSetMap we provide world class independent tennis analysis using official ATP and WTA Hawk-Eye data.  Our role is to take official Hawk-Eye match data and turn it into meaningful and actionable analysis in order to support elite players and coaches.

Our analysis is used to support tactical preparation, and quantify patterns in post match analysis. We also aim to deliver results that deepen the understanding of the physiological requirements of tennis players in order to refine specific training methods.

Key Services

  • Build and maintain a library of Hawk-Eye data in order to study how play and players are changing over time.
  • We work closely with elite players and coaches to ensure the results of our analysis inherit valuable real-world context.
  • We seek to understand the performance questions from players and coaches and develop innovate ways to best answer them.
  • Integrate third party statistical data from IBM and other official match statistics to further enhance or support the analysis.

We understand that every elite coach and player has a different set of requirements with respect to analysis. Each coach and player seeks to answer unique questions that are relevant to their game, their strategies, their opponents and their training. We believe that in order to fully exploit the true potential of Hawk-Eye data the raw data should be explored independently and brought to life to support the requirements of elite players and coaches.

Please feel free to contact us at: info@gamesetmap.com for more information.

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