The Federer Backhand – Using Analytics from a Coaching Perspective

Earlier this month Dr Mark Kovacs and I published an article in the May/June edition of Tennis Pro Magazine titled “The Federer Backhand – Using Analytics from a Coaching Perspective“.

TennisPro is the award winning magazine of PTR (Professional Tennis Registry), published bi-monthly and distributed to PTR members in more than 117 countries.

Tennis Pro Magazine

TennisPro. The official magazine from the PTR.

The article analyzed what specific areas of the Federer backhand produce errors, and where these errors occur. The purpose of the article was to help coaches better understand how to use analytics to help player’s improve, but also how to potentially scout opponents to help find areas of weakness in future opponents.

Federer BackhandPage 1 from the article.

Federer Backhand 2Page 2 and 3 from the article.

The article evaluates the 2012 Olympic Final between Roger Federer and Andy Murray. Andy Murray won the match 6-2, 6-1, 6-4.

You can read the article in full at the PTR website.

I hope you enjoy this example of how statistics and analytics are becoming more crucial in modern tennis at every level of the game.

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