Game tree: the unstoppable Novak Djokovic

The digital content team at the Australian Open contacted me late last year to write a few articles for The first article (published on the 24th Jan) is a celebration of Novak Djokovic’s 2015 season titled “Game tree: the unstoppable Novak Djokovic“. The article uses our innovative game tree to better understand how dominate Novak was on his 1,033 service games in 2015.

To view the article click here:

Game TreeWe also highlighted some of Novak’s more interesting matches throughout the year (see below):

Game Tree

I encourage you to use the interactive game tree to take a deeper dive into some of Novak’s classic matches last year and to see what might have been for some of his closest rivals, as they begin their assault to dethrone the undisputed 2015 king of men’s tennis.

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Roger Federer Court Movement

Earlier this week I returned to studying player movement patterns in tennis. While digging through the data I put together this 10 sec animation which shows Roger Federer’s movement during a 2 set match late in 2014. The colours represent different games throughout the match.

Whilst the video is not terribly useful I wanted to share with you all what the player movement data looked like from Hawk-Eye.

Now back to the analysis…